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BC's role, coal campaigns, climate science updates

How BC contributes to the climate crisis

It's a fact - we're overheating our planet with climate warming pollution and if we don't act fast it will be impossible to stop.  Is BC doing its share to help solve the climate crisis?  We don't think so:

  • Coal is the dirtiest of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas).  It produces huge amounts of climate warming pollution when burned.
  • British Columbia is a major exporter of coal.  When shipped to other countries and burned, this coal produces as much climate warming pollution as we create here in BC.

Our government claims to be a "green leader" here at home, but it also encourages the sale of huge amounts of climate-destroying coal around the world. We think that is reckless and needs to stop.  If you agree, please help us.

This is the decade where we determine if we succeed or fail at stopping runaway climate change.

Learn the facts about BC coal production and how we export climate destruction:

Coal Free BC Handout

For a more detailed consideration of key issues, check out Issues and Answers

We are not alone: other groups working to stop coal

Some people say Why bother trying to stop the production and export of coal from BC?  The demand is still there, and somebody else will just take our place. Fortunately, people across BC and around the world have come to the same conclusions as us -- the coal age has to end!  If we all work hard in our own communities, together we can make a difference.

  • Many groups are organizing to stop coal mines in BC.  The go-to site for more information is CoalWatch. They are working hard to stop the Raven mine on Vancouver Island, and their site has comprehensive links to groups working on mining issues across BC.
  • In the Northwest US, many groups have banded together to prevent the construction of new coal ports.  See PowerPastCoal for more information.
  • In Ontario, the Clean Air Alliance is working hard to put that province's coal fired power plants on immediate standby for emergency use only -- a move equivalent to taking 7 million cars off the road. Find out more here:
  • In the United States, Appalachia Rising is pushing the EPA to follow it's own rules and ban mountaintop removal coal mining.  On Sept 28 2010 they led a mass protest outside the White House.
  • In Australia, Rising Tide Newcastle recently shut down that countries biggest coal port for 9 hours, to draw attention to the fact that Australia is the biggest coal exporter in the world.
  • Find out about other campaigns to end the age of coal here:

    Updates from the field: the latest science

    • The latest summary of the evidence, based on input from 46 countries. The go-to source for information on trends for 10 key climate indicators. The short summary: it's hotter than ever, and we're responsible!


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