British Columbians for Climate Action

Why we're doing this

We are British Columbians who are deeply concerned about the future of the planet, and we are frustrated that our government claims to be a green leader while at the same time helping to cook the planet by exporting huge amounts of fossil fuels.

If we do not act now, we face a serious crisis in years ahead.  Knowing this, we have a moral obligation to act. We have a responsibility to our children and people already suffering from climate change to do what we can to stop it.

We are not working on behalf of any particular organisation, and we come from all parts of the province.  We're calling ourselves British Columbians for Climate Action and our first goal is to stop the production and export of coal from BC.  If you agree with what we are doing, we urge you to get involved: send out an email to spread the word about BC's dirty secret, write to your MLA, get together a few friends to plan an action to raise awareness -- there are many ways to make a difference. Our future depends on you!  Sign the Climate Action Pledge and we'll keep you updated on upcoming events, civil-disobedience and direct action training sessions, and news from the fight to stop climate change.

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