A new coal port for Metro Vancouver? Bad idea!

Port Metro Vancouver is currently considering two proposals to expand coal exports: a 6 million tonne (Mt)/yr expansion of Neptune Terminals in North Vancouver, and a brand new coal port on the Fraser River, capable of exporting up to 8 Mt/yr at full build out.  Approval would make Metro Vancouver the biggest exporter of coal in North America.  When burned these coal exports would produce more GHG pollution than all the bitumen shipped through the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline.  This is madness.

The port's public consultation process on these proposals has been simply egregious.  They have not made sufficient effort to inform the broad public of these proposals, and they provide no clear framework for incorporating public input into their decisions.  Currently, Port Metro Vancouver staff alone have authority to make a decision which has huge implications for our future.  This cannot stand.

Please contact the Board of Directors of Port Metro Vancouver today and demand they delay any decisions and open these proposals up to full public review.  Please cc us so we can track how many responses they receive -- we'll make sure they are posted publicly.  If the Port Authority won't engage in proper public consultation, we will!

In 2007 public outcry stopped Premier Gordon Campbell from building coal fired power plants in BC.  Today in 2012 our determination can stop the expansion of coal exports.

Are you ready to say "NO!" to fossil fuel exports? Take the pledge to get involved:

I'm part of the 99 percent that doesn't profit from delay and inaction on climate change.  Enough talk -- I commit to working with others to end the production and export of fossil fuels from BC.

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A new coal port for Metro Vancouver? Bad idea! - stop coal